Thursday, February 19, 2015


Olivia-It wasn't nice cutting me off like that.
Me-We needed to have a cliffhanger. It heightens the drama.
Olivia-You have issues. Anyways, like I was saying, it started out in the outdoor cafeteria of our highschool. So B...I mean 'Laura-Beth'
Me-Your sarcasm is noted and not appreciated.
Olivia-Stop interrupting me. Anyway, Laura-Beth walked over and sat down with me, Matthew, and Justin (our friends), then pulled out three...tape players.
Me-I don't know how to record things to mp3, okay? This was easier.
Olivia-You're showing your age :)
Me-Screw you.
Olivia-So she handed us three tape players. You may have noticed that Laura-Beth has a tendency to be...not serious. At all. She's not silly, but she's not very grim either. So when she looked deadly serious at us, it was a bit of a warning. "I want you guys to keep these on you at all times." She said. "If anything comes at you, I want you to run to your bathroom or some other room with only one entrance and hit play. But don't do it until then."

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