Wednesday, February 18, 2015

...Stuff happened

Olivia: Wait, why am I writing this now?
Laura-Beth Me: Because this'll make more sense to the readers coming from your point of view than it would from mine.
Olivia: After everything that just happened, you're still concerned with posting to this blog? Why?
Laura-Beth Me: Stopping would be giving in to those upstart assholes.
Olivia: Alright...and the script layout you've decided to do all of the sudden?
Laura-Beth Me: So they can tell who's "talking" obviously.
Olivia: Why not just change the font, or do one person in italics or something?
Laura-Beth Me: Because I hate that little gimmick. Now start telling the story.
Olivia: One last question. Why are you stilling calling yourself Laura-Beth when that's not your real name?
Laura-Beth Me: Because I'm not just going to tell them who I am yet. Strictly speaking, I just told them that they could call me Laura-Beth. I never said that that was my real name.
Olivia: Why not just tell them that you're...
Laura-Beth Me: Hey! Spoilers!
Olivia: Dammit, this isn't a book! Can't you take this seriously?
Laura-Beth Me: They want to read this, they do it on my terms. It's been a rough five days, I'm entitled to my frivolities.
Olivia: I don't like lying about something so important.
Laura-Beth Me: Fine, there you go, I did strikethrough and put in 'Me'. This thing's been from my point of view the whole time, they should get what it means. Now for the love of hell, please tell the story!
Olivia: Fine. It started in the outdoor cafeteria of our highschool...

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